4 thoughts on “In Contempt (2/19/2008): Racism 101 for White Cartoonists”

  1. As I read the title of your strip and before I looked at it, the Cohen ‘toon was the first thing to come to mind. That ‘toon should never have seen the light of day. Racist to the core. The Delonas ‘toon I hadn’t seen before. In the context of your strip (and ignorant of some cop shoots monkey story?) I immediately saw it as a reference to the habit of police of gunning down unarmed black men. Probably not what was intended, but still problematic.

    I will be sorry to see the imperialist apes go bye bye :(
    They were my favorite characters of yours. Although, looking across the current events landscape, perhaps Humpty Dumpty will be a better metaphor nowadays.

  2. FWIW – I thought of you when I drew that panel. “RoJo’s gonna miss the apes.” Seriously. You are their biggest fan, which I don’t take for granted. Humpty Dumpty is a nice suggestion, tho. :-)

  3. I think the reason the apes have been my favorite is that they are the closest you, and indeed any other cartoonist that I know of, come to symbolizing systemic issues. And the trio of militarism, finance, and intelligentsia was perfect, along with the way you captured them. The intelligentsia ape was particularly brilliant in its counterpoint to the gorillas–meeker in aspect, but necessary to the whole enterprise. That is academia/media/punditry to the tee.

    Interesting that you had the militarist ape say “I stand for American imperialism.” I’ve always read the trio as standing for different parts of American imperialism.

  4. P.S.
    If the apes do go gently unto that eternal night, then I think it only fair that Sheldon’s rabbits out themselves as full-fledged anarchists.

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