New Cartoon for My Teacher’s Union

Got the most recent The Gathering, the newsletter for my union, PCCFFAP, which includes my most recent cartoon for them. This one pertains to for-profit education and a DOJ lawsuit against Education Management Corporation.

cartoon for The Gatherin August 2011

I have just created a gallery page to collect these toons. Right now I am just calling it Teacher Unions, because my brain failed to think up something more clever. Stoopit brain. Suggestions welcome.

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10 thoughts on “New Cartoon for My Teacher’s Union”

  1. Or is the use of “Schooled” that I’m referring to just a product of my NE region and generation?

    Do the kids still use it, or is only “pwned” now?

  2. I was trying to think up punny plays on “No Child Left Behind,” but all I could come up with was “No Child’s Left Behinds,” which not only doesn’t work, but also puts one in danger of becoming a victim of some overzealous prosecutor.

    Still makes me giggle a bit though. How would you ban left behinds?

  3. I also thought of “Blarney Duncan,” but as a title that would commit you to the character I think. However, if you ever want to use “Blarney Duncan” as a character, feel free, I won’t sue!

  4. If you sued, you get all these glorious piles of riches I horde from going Galt.

    “Blarney Duncan” is pretty funny. Very old school cartoon naming. Like from the Big Foot era of the 30s.

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