…and I finally post a new page to Wanderlost.

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So my plan is to wrap this series up by the end of the year and start a whole new project. Probably not be a webcomic. As should be obvious, I don’t have that kind of time these days. It will be a graphic novel I want to develop and get published in print by a real publisher with the goal of making professional money. I know, crazy, right? But I prefer to do that stuff off-line without the artificial deadlines of a weekly update.

That said, my online presence will not disappear. I’m too pissed off at politics to do that, anyway. And I have other ideas that are suitable for random web postings. I’ll just do them all here at Mooretoons, the logical place for one-offs.

At next year’s Stumptown I will have all six Wanderlost stories in print form, individual issues that I will sell at the table and online. I’m thinking about figurines, too, or tea cozies. Merch of some sort.

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