Remember when right wing fools were trying to give George W. Bush all the credit for democracy movements rising up in the Middle East? Those were the days.

Seriously, this kills me. At least with the “Bush Was Right” meme, there was an underlying agreement that people demanding freedom and democracy in the Middle East was a good thing. But now we can’t even agree upon the fundamental reality that the vast majority of Egyptians are demanding an open, free and democratic government. Now we have the Neo-Birchers — the Glenn Becks, the Sean Hannities, the Frank Gaffneys — insisting that they are dupes of a worldwide conspiracy to impose a socialist caliphate. Not only in the Middle East, but with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates waiting to wreak havoc in Britain and the U.S., egged on by the socialist agenda of the Obama White House.*

What the hell? I understand disagreements about abortion, about global warming, even about evolution — but about this? It’s disgusting. Shameless. The craven authoritarianism and insipid racism underlying this disinformation utterly appalls me.

So does this cartoon. Thanks for spreading Mubarak propaganda, Bob.

*Meanwhile Omar Suleiman, current vice president and former go-to guy for extraordinary rendition and torture, appears on Egyptian state television blaming all thee unrest on meddlers with “foreign agendas.” That pretty much puts him and Beck on the same page.

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