In the news this morning, two things that won’t end with the closing of the Decade from Hell:

a) Gitmo – It will be another year before the ObamAdmin can get the funds to relocate the illegally held prisoners to a stateside detention center. So many local jobs in Illinois depend on these violations of human rights and international law. In this economy, can’t we do better?

b) Britney’s conservatorship – You think KSM has been tortured enough? Consider what this poor single mom has been enduring, just because she shaved her head. Can’t we get a new level of silliness at least, instead of this same old story of family greed and celebrity haplessness?

House everyone at Guantanamo Bay over at the Spears mansion and name her father as the prison warden. Call it “Britmo.”

Here be Frank Zappa with the last word on all that.

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