In 2017 I became the Artist-in-Residence at EveryLibrary, a national organization that promotes funding for libraries of many kinds – public, school, and academic. The main goal is to create ten cartoons between Labor Day and the first Tuesday of November, when most library bonds and levies are voted on, to promote the value of libraries and library values. The first cartoon published on September 5, 2017 starts the series off with that theme.

Library Values cartoon

“Library Values” by Kevin Moore for EveryLibrary 9/5/2017

As I stated in the announcement of the AIR, “With my Artist in Residency I hope to provide amusing and inspiring cartoons that can help library supporters highlight the different ways libraries provide value to their communities. My work will reflect the values that librarians stand for: freedom of information, diversity of access and the rights of citizens to inform themselves, make up their own minds, and contribute to debates on issues vital to our society and to our nation. These cartoons will be shareable, meme-friendly, and humorous. I hope to contribute to the efforts of EveryLibrary and anyone who loves libraries.”

As new cartoons are created over the next ten weeks, I will add them to the gallery below. Enjoy!