This summer has marked the longest period of  zero cartooning I have had since college almost 20 years ago. Seriously, I have not drawn ONE SINGLE CARTOON since June. Doodles on napkins don’t count. In fact, I don’t count the flip-book animation example I created for a class I taught on the subject at a local library. If it’s not on the Internet, it’s not REAL!!!

Tomorrow the kids go back their state-sponsored babysitting holding pen that has some educational merit with a vague purpose of making them globally competitive, whatever that means. Meanwhile, I’ll get to finish a page of Wanderlost I started last May that I’ll post it on Wednesday.

The next question is: what else? I mean, aside from digging the house out from the summer wreckage (so much useless crap to get rid of, so many books to give away or sell, so much yardwork left undone) and picking up more shifts at the library. I’m talking post-Wanderlost cartooning. And I’m not inviting ideas from the Mind Hive, just keyboarding aloud that there are projects on a back-burner that require attention.

Graphic novel(s), possible collaboration with a good friend, some rudimentary animation…. These are things I want to get started on. Oh, and I want to play guitar like Richard Thompson.

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