This is indeed the dumbest thing yet said about Shirley Sherrod. So dumb, even Tintin’s shorter parody can not live down to it.

(Title taken from Dylan’s “Idiot Wind.” No decent YouTube vid for it, but Adam Levy does a good impersonator version.)

Oh, and my two cents on how the Obama Admin dealt with this? (Not that you asked….) Breitbart deserves all the feces we can throw at him for distorting the truth and creating a controversy where there is none. Yet it was Vilsack who acted like a good little Democrat and assumed Breitbart was reporting in good faith, willing to throw another hard-working black woman to the dogs rather than risk right wing criticism. To the Obama Admin’s credit, they reinstated Sherrod and apologized. So what are the chances that Washington Dems have learned a lesson here? It’s not like they haven’t had plenty of chances to develop skeptical approach to Repug disinformation. At this point they should be puffing Brechtian cigars.

UPDATE: Oh, wait. I forgot that when it comes to how low can the right wing go, there is no bottom. Blargers are demanding Sherrod apologize to Breitbart for calling him racist. Yes, you read that right.

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