Hope, Change and All That Crap — a new collection of In Contempt comic strips — is available for purchase through Lulu.com. The book collects strips published between August 2007 and January 2009.

The specs: 108 pages, 7.5″ x 7.5″, perfect binding, cream interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink

Product description: 2008 packed a lot of history. Bush’s last days, the divisive Democratic primaries, the ridiculous Republican primaries, Sarah Palin, the waterboarding of civil liberties, endless war(s), an economy built on hot air, Obama’s glib equivocations — these and other good times are treated the only way cartoonist Kevin Moore knows how: with contempt. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Moore publishes In Contempt, a comic strip devoted to satirizing politics with venom. New strips appear at www.incontemptcomics.com.

Here’s the press release:

March 16, 2009


Kevin Moore
In Contempt Comics

Kevin Moore Releases New Book: Hope, Change and All That Crap

Portland, OR March 16, 2009 – Cartoonist Kevin Moore has published Hope, Change and All That Crap, a collection of In Contempt comic strips through Lulu.com for immediate sale. By the book directly Lulu at http://www.lulu.com/content/6079963

Collecting strips published from August, 2007 through January, 2009, Hope, Change and All That Crap covers an eventful period in American politics and world history. The last days of the Bush administration, revelations of torture, the primary contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the collapse of the global economy — these and other topics fall prey to Kevin Moore’s sharp satirical treatment.

Cartoonist and columnist Ted Rall praises Kevin as “a visionary” and a cartoonist “whose brush coughed out caricatures of presidents as easily as sketches of animals (as any cartoonist will tell you, critters are tough to draw)” and simply “damned good.”

Samples of In Contempt strips can be found at the www.incontemptcomics.com. Kevin is available for interviews any time during the day. Please contact him via e-mail at kevinwmoore@gmail.com.

Hope, Change and All That Crap offers a unique time capsule of American and world history, viewed through the pen of a biting satirical wit. By the book directly Lulu at http://www.lulu.com/content/6079963

Kevin Moore has been drawing In Contempt since 2001. He is also the creator of Wanderlost, currently hosted at www.moderntales.com.

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