Once again I go inside baseball with a political caricature. Today it’s Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol as dung beetles, which I fear unjustly insults dung beetles. After all, they roll balls of shit into perfect spheres, a truly impressive accomplishment for creatures with no geometric sciences to speak of. I was going to say they were low on the evolutionary ladder, but that’s not good biology: they’re on a very different evolutionary track than we are, and the whole notion of a “ladder” implies more special chauvinism than I am comfortable with. That said, Liz and Bill are pond scum.

Um, words on technique: I used dry brush for shadow and texture effects. I feel like I should have made the dung ball more poopy, but the reference photos I used showed some rather bland balls of dung.

Mmm...dung balls!

See what I mean? Look more like balls of straw and gum. Again, I tip my hat to dung beetle mad skillz. I should just accept that as a cartoonist, I am not bound by reality.

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