Which sounds like a confused Indiana Jones movie.

Anyhoo, page 2 of “Out to Sea” is up at Wanderlost. I really enjoy drawing these giant waves. I think that may be my whole motive for the story, an excuse to draw huge undulating mountains of water full of foam and darkness. All for a little pig to ride upon.

Don’t worry — there is actually a story to go with all of that.

And the last strip for In Contempt. I discuss my reasons for this decision below the cartoon post, so please read it if the thought of a Contempt-less world leaves a little hollow spot in your soul. It does mine, honestly. I wish I could clone myself to do all the stuff I want to do. But who would feed him? He’d eat all my cookies!

I want to elaborate here on my caricature project. Mostly I want to develop a portfolio to send out to local pubs and get some illustration jobs. A little side money. But it’s also an artform that has always intrigued me, at least when it is done right. The idea entered my head (with some prodding from Barry Deutsch) after David Levine died a couple months ago. I have always loved his work, the acidic bite of his pen and ink, his elegant cross-hatching, his ugly yet apt exaggerations of distinctive features. His only rivals to my eye had been the great Stephen Brodner — whose water colors are beautifully gritty and sense of form like a Bob Clampett cartoon on acid (which says something); Pat Oliphant, when he’s not being a racist shit; Ralph Steadman, to whom many owe a huge debt, including Brodner; and Barry Blitt, who got into trouble for satirically combining all of the crazy racist paranoia about the Obamas into one New Yorker cover during the election. Those guys are my models. There are other great ones, but these artists put the poison in the ink well.

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