Everybody Say, “Ick!”

paris hilton doll pic

From The Superficial. Which I am merely citing, not endorsing. The same goes for this other link, which has another repulsive doll to wretch at. Seriously, look at those anorexic legs! Those narrow-set heavily-painted cat eyes! But don’t gaze too close lest thou lotheth thy thoul.

All said, as nasty as the doll is, nothing tops Paris.

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Greasy Kid Stuff

Every Saturday morning on my way to work at the reference desk of PCC’s Rock Creek Library, I tune into the best rock music radio show I have heard since Doctor Demento in the early ’80s. Greasy Kid Stuff, hosted by DJs Belinda and Nova, is so great that They Might Be Giants wrote a song in their honor – which the DJs play religiously at 8:30am on the nose.

The music mix is pretty eclectic and strays beyond the “Alternative” genre constraints imposed on the parent radio station’s daily playlist. Hipster parents (who are obviously a target audience as much as the kids) will certainly groove to a playing of Ben Lee or pogo to The Ramones’ “Spider-Man”. Yet Belinda and Nova love to throw in anything that is kid-friendly and fun. James Kochalka’s “Monkey Vs. Robot” and Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club’s “Happy Noodle Vs. Sad Noodle” frequently pop up; Captain Bogg and Salty are huge favorites.

And they love themes. Check out part of the playlist from this morning:

# Ghoti Hook – My Bike
Banana Man (Tooth & Nail, 1997)
# The Jellydots – Bicycle
Hey You Kids! (self-released, 2006)
# Frances England – Tricycle
Fascinating Creatures (self-released, 2006)
# Lunch Money – Tricycle
Silly Reflection (Squirrel Mechanic, 2004)

Yes, bikes and trikes! I would have included Sid Barrett’s “Bike Song” (it’s kid-friendly!), but that’s just me.

The DJs take requests and of course have birthday shout-outs to young listeners. Youth librarians can learn a lot from this show, especially the music tastes for young listeners.

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Play Ball!

boy with bat

From the Boston Public Library Photostream at Flickr. I really like this kid. For one thing, he breaks up the monotony of thugs in bowler hats and huge coats who dominate the BPL’s archive. But more than that, he’s so excited. Like a game of sandlot stickball, getting covered in dust and cut up by gravel is going to be the highlight of his Summer. And yours, too.

Gakked from Jessamyn.

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Youth Culture Appreciation Moment

Stuck at home with a sick Owen (don’t worry, he’ll be fine), who is resting by absorbing all the Disney Channel his Benadryl-ized brain can handle, I caught a music video for a song by Miley Cyrus. From the standpoint of anyone under 12, it actually rocked. At 12 I would probably have dissed it as hard as I did Rick Springfield when I was, in fact, 12. But I’m 38 – older, mellowed, less inclined to snarl at pop crap as I used to be (at least to save my snarling muscle for more worthy targets) – so I can appreciate Ms. Cyrus for what she is and for whom she is targeted.

And, for what it’s worth, she’s way better than her dad.

(NOTE: Were Lester Bangs still alive, he would have begun an entry like this with “Today I am a putz.”)

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