In the production notes of In Contempt cartoons I tend to heavily source references made in the cartoons themselves. Today’s strip is an extreme example, half the phrases link to news or blog articles providing FURTHER PROOF THAT THESE THINGS HAPPENED!

(Naw, I ain’t neurotic ur nuffin.)

Today I feel obligated to source my caricatures. Waving the magic Google Image Finder wand, I came across two photos of Glenn Beck that were so expressive of my dramatic intent, my drawing added little more than a few stylistic mannerisms and cartoony simplifications. Beck is such an obvious clown, there’s not much to add, really.

In the first panel, Glenn appears in his weepy mode (a favorite target of Tom Tomorrow), which honestly cannot be exaggerated.

Weepy Glenn!
Source: Gawker.

In the last panel, Glenn’s creepy mode. Again, no exaggeration needed.

Creepy Glenn!
Source: Movie Eye.

Weepy and creepy. That about sums him up, don’t it?

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