Years ago when I got an iPad I downloaded Paper by 53, a digital drawing app that does a really good job of mimicking analog tools. I created a lot of good work with it, but after awhile, I returned to drawing pen to paper and pretty much forgot all about the stuff sitting on my iPad. Yesterday I took another look at the stuff, and a lot of it still amused me.My friend Rachel suggested I post these randomly to Patreon for my subscribers. So I will. At least once a week a new drawing from my iPad will appear here. Some drawings are more fully realized than others. It depended on how quickly I felt like dashing off an idea, if I thought the joke was a toss-off or one that I should work more on. As Paper’s tools became more sophisticated, my drawing on the iPad improved.

The one above I think is pretty funny. If I were to redo it — and I could, because it is all digital, so only laziness or indifference holds me back — I would replace the guy and the painting behind him. Otherwise I like how the cat and the water cooler look. I was going for the look and feel of some of the old stable of New Yorker cartoonists, who manage to combine the simplistic with the artful, often to good effect, although some of the cartoonists I think are shitty drawers. This cartoon is kind all of the above.

This cartoon is also one of many that feature cats. I don’t own cats. I have lived with cats that belonged to housemates in the past, but I am much more of a dog person. However, I really like to draw them. Fetch grew out of my messing around with Paper, so you’ll see some early Fetch drawings done with that app, too.

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