Whups! I got so caught up in the seasonal shopping and celebrating, I forgot to upload this comic to the website.


As this week’s Fetch shows, I have been preoccupied lately, especially with money. The recently passed tax-cut-and-loot bill got me thinking about how we, as a nation and as individuals, rack up debt in order to meet present day wants and needs. Congress cares only about the deficit when it comes to programs that benefit the poor, but won’t hesitate to drop trillions of dollars on endless, dubious wars. I personally have had to juggle credit cards a lot over the last couple years just to keep up with cost of living, health care, emergency, and consumer spending.

(I bet someone reading this has a lecture about thrift or something smug like that. Save it. I have heard it all before, often from my own self-recriminating late night can’t sleep brain weasels.)

In the end debt is how corporations keep us in check. Ask any country in perpetual hock to the IMF.

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