What could be riskier for a politically oriented cartoonist than posting a cartoon the day before Election Day?

Well, actually, a lot of things. Quite a few cartoonists in Turkey, Syria and elsewhere have been arrested, jailed and charged with treason, so really, for me, an American white dude, the stakes are pretty low.

That said, I will stick my neck out in the most daring possible way, staking my reputation on a confident prediction that the centrist Democrat will win the election.

Damn! I’m tingling! Can you smell the bravery?

Anyway, I hope you are all stocked up with plenty of booze for Tuesday night. And if you don’t drink, then perhaps someone who will feed you chocolate or sexual favors. I don’t know: whatever gets you through the night, as old John said, is all right.

Oh, and I’m back. Where was I? I moved. I hate moving. It took up all my time and energy. But now I am in a new, better place, and I’m happy. So let’s start the month off right and return to regularly updated Fetch strips.

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