This cartoon almost didn’t happen, thanks to catching my son’s cold last  week. Which may be why the writing follows an older political cartooning writing style I used for many years until only a year or so ago.Usually I try to have Fetch address current events in a more oblique way, or so that it comments one larger trends. But sometimes the fast pace of things seems to suck me in, like a raging river.

Production note: I ran out of my usual Bristol board, so I had to use this other kind that is great for brushes, but sucks for traditional crow quill nib pens. So I used a lot more Micron markers for straight lines. Then somehow I still managed to put a giant blob of ink on panel four, requiring much repair with guace, brush pen, and then clean up in Photopshop.

Did you need to know that? Well, now you do.

Last week I used Shannon Wheeler’s Comic Craft font. This week is Blambot’s Back Issues font. I’m still playing around to see which font I like best. I might just design my own. I have done that before, but I didn’t like the result. I will try again, though. Having something that looks like my own lettering will make the strip feel much more my own work.

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