I finished inking this strip before Christmas; however, the holidays and then a sudden onset of some terrible bug going around overwhelmed me, preventing me from putting color on it until this weekend and this morning.

As this strip indicates, that is not all, of course. I have been dealing with a lot of changes in my life that snowballed at the end of the year. The loss of my mother is a big one. As I manage her estate, I have come across so many photos, probably thousands, that she took over the years. They bring up a lot of memories, and thus a lot of emotions, a wide range of them, many I find hard to articulate. 

Next week will be more political. I am currently working on getting collections of the last 18 months of strips, dividing them into two issues; one will focus on politics, the other puts personal stuff at the back end of “Saucer of Milk”, the “origin” story I created in the Summer of 2016. Had Hillary Clinton won the Electoral College, I probably would have mixed the personal and political content, because I view Fetch as a mix of political and personal satire. Yet the Election and 2017 were so extraordinary, a single volume devoted solely to the political turmoil seems necessary, if only to let the personal side have room to breathe.

Happy new year! I hope you are well and that 2018 treats you kindly.

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