This week’s strip is a little late and in B&W, but for a very good reason. I spent the weekend putting together the first comic book collection of Fetch strips and sent it off to the printer on Sunday. It should be available on August 1st, and I will sell a PDF version through Gumroad as well.

Oh yes: Pokemon Go. To be clear, I don’t have a problem with PoGo. I don’t know why anyone (other than, say, The Holocaust Museum) would have a problem with the game. Yet it has received a lot of flak from people disgruntled by the sight of other people enjoying themselves. Lots of “there are more important things in the world” criticism is thrown at them — which, technically, is true. But who cares? I don’t play the game, but I do spend precious hours I could be learning the nuances of the Syrian conflict with my guitar instead, singing terribly and having a blast.

So this is not a GOML strip. I just thought it would be funny if Fetch were mistaken for a new form of feline Pokemon. And then I had fun drawing his inner demon. I mean, I suppose I could have solved world hunger, but this strip will have to do.

I will post more details about the comic book soon. I’m psyched.

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