After I scanned this strip  into Photoshop with the intention of coloring it, I found that it looks and reads better in black and white. The raven of my depression, the blackbird of unhappiness is inky dark with all that feathering; and the goop it pulls from my head is oily and rubbery.

I came up with this idea a few months ago when my depression was pretty bad, and I have sat on it until I was needing a distraction from covering political events. So naturally I turn to a lighter subject? Er, no. I like this raven character – he appears in an earlier strip I drew digitally last year – so I’m glad to flesh it out a little bit more. And even if last November the election had turned the other way, this guy would still fly into my bedroom at night and peck away at my temple. Depression knows no politics, though it will happily feed on their consequences.

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