And we are back with color this week. I meant to do that last week, but I was struggling with asthma (still am) and bronchial issues and whine whine whine. Whatever. It’s in color and I am happy.

This strip was written before the infamous tape revealed Trump’s hands-on approach with women (i.e., sexual assault), but I was able to revise the dialog while drawing this weekend. And this was all finished before last night’s debate, which may have been the worst political television I have ever seen. That guy has a real talent for bringing out the worst in everyone and everything. Props to town hall questioner Ken Bone for asking a straightforward question about policy on an issue that matters. I hope the Internet is kind to you, buddy.

About my portrayal of Trump as a head with arms and legs: it’s fun to draw him that way, and I had originally conceived of him as a demonic imp who hails from wherever Fetch comes from, which is either the bowels of Hell or a projection from my subconscious mind. Either, or. Granted, you are all suffering from the same delusion that Trump exists and exerts a reverse-Midas touch on everything he gropes, so I am tempted to go with the Hell scenario.

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