It’s just not Stan’s night. He is fortunate to be unconscious for most of these proceedings.

So where exactly are they? Well, I don’t know where in Oregon one might find an arrangement of stones like this, but they are all over Ireland. The Irish of the Bronze Age erected stone circles all over the island, dragging huge stones for several miles without the benefit of our modern horseless technology — and I am not sure the Irish had horses back then, either. I will assume they had at least some wheels for a cart. Even so, the amount of effort to haul the massive rocks over long distances through mud, hills, stones, and whatnot is more than my lazy mind can imagine.

For more about these stone circles, see (of all things) this DailyKos articleand this pagan website. They are really beautiful and more varied than I do them justice in my appropriation. I doubt sacrificial shavings were conducted in ancient stone circles. Fetch is not one to care for tradition. He has his own purposes.

My purposes were to reflect the reading I have done on Irish folklore and faeries. I get Fetch’s name from them, and to some extent he is inspired by them. Sometimes I think he is a faerie, other times a demon. I keep him pretty fluid, however. This “origin” story really won’t offer much light on his actual origins. I might just be confusing things more. Which, in the end, is apt.

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