Here are the first four pages of a ten page story, “Saucer of Milk: or, How I Met Fetch.” You can call it an “origin” story, if you like. While the summer gets more absurd and/or horrifying around the world, I thought I would take a break from timely commentary on current events to tell a longer form, humorous tale. This explores some of the darker themes of this strip and the character, Fetch. And there will be a lot of cats.

Next Monday will see page 5 only, not a multi-comic update like this one. I used the multi-comic format, because I had been delayed in redesigning this site to accommodate the plug-in that makes webcomics easier to read (and to upload.) Not that you really needed to know that, but there it is.

More exciting things:

  • This weekend I set up a store on SquareUp to sell Fetch: Inner and Outer Demons, the latest collection of Fetch comics in print. Check it out!
  • Fetch: Inner and Outer Demons is also available for digital download via Gumroad.
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