I heard this NPR story on the car radio while picking up my son from daycare and almost spit:

John Medved is not happy with the White House move to oust General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner. Medved, the owner of Medved Autoplex in Colorado, says Wagoner was doing a good job reforming the huge company.

Medved says the Obama administration was just trying to send a message. “I guess it wouldn’t be any different than shooting the No. 1 hostage and saying, ‘We’re for real,’ “ Medved says. “I think that it’s a statement to the union and the bondholders that either you make a deal or we will pull it [GM] into bankruptcy.”

Of course, the one difference between Wagoner and the shot hostage? Wagoner got a $23 million severance package. And didn’t get shot. I think that qualifies as a bonus.

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