This may come as quite a bit of a shock, but the Senate confirmed Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State today. I know! Out of left field, man; didn’t see that one coming. It’s like it’s some chummy club or something.

Yeah, anyhoo – the hearings weren’t all smooth sailing. There were a few Republicans who raised concerns about conflicts of interest between Bill Clinton’s charity and foreign donors:

Cornyn said he supported her nomination and it was crucial she get to work on the international challenges awaiting the Obama administration, but the issue of foreign donations raised crucial questions about government transparency and trust.

“I intend to vote for her confirmation. But I also think it’s important to flesh out the concerns raised,” Cornyn said. “If we are going to restore trust between the American people and their government, we need to be sure the reality matches the rhetoric.”

I’m sure this had nothing to do with their congenital hatred of all things Clinton. As the last 8 years have shown, no one is more concerned about conflicts of interest than Congressional Republicans. Remember the crap they took for exposing no-bid contracts for Halliburton? They showed real courage there.

But we’ve moved on. Nothing to see here. Let us wish our new Secretary of State the courage she’ll need to dodge sniper fire and little girl’s poetry.

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