From your “liberal” New York Times:

But haven’t I read economists saying that a bill that small will make almost no dent in unemployment? Is that sort of thing the only hope for bipartisanship?

It depends on what you mean by bipartisanship. Nothing is stopping Mr. Obama and Congressional Democrats from adding more Republican ideas to their health plan — and not just fig leaves. If the Democrats did that, they would have a bill worthy of the name bipartisan.

Emfuzzies mine. If only Democrats would just reach out to the other side and invite their input and listen to their ideas and stroke them under the chin and greet them at the door in nothing but a big ribbon and a bottle of champagne, then they would truly earn that most honored most esteemed most thigh tingling mantle, “bipartisan.”

But if they don’t, then they will have earned naught but spite and enmity from the great hive mind of the people, who shall shew them utterly the door. It’ll be Obama’s fault for going all Red up in here.

That thar is yur Konsensus Thinkin thar.

Meanwhile in Utah the governor is poised to sign a bill that would criminalize miscarriage. How is that related? Well, I live in a land of crazy theocrats and patriarchal opportunists who warp the health care needs of people to either reap profit or punishment points in the name of their false gods. There. That’s how.

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