Perhaps you caught Jon Stewart’s ridicule of Red State blogger Erick Erickson, CNN’s latest pundit hire.

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CNN Hires Erick Erickson
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And perhaps you thought that was funny (I did), but otherwise irrelevant to your life. Well, Erickson became strangely relevant to my life this weekend when he responded to the email of some guy named Kevin Moore in a blog post on Red State.

From: Kevin Moore
Subject: Hello Erick
Date: April 2, 2010 9:07:19 PM EDT
To: Erick-Woods Erickson

I hope and pray that one day you and I end up in an elevator together.
It would be such a pleasure beating the s**t out of your s**t filled head.
Jerk-offs like you contribute to the decay of this country.
Crawl into a hole and die you dumb f**k or ask your wife to turn her shotgun on yourselves.


Kevin Moore

For the record: no, I am not the Kevin Moore who wrote that. I found out about it when I noticed a dramatic uptick in the Webstats for one of my sites. Was it In Contempt, the political cartoon site that would be of most interest to the politically minded blog audience of Red State? No. Was it this blog, where I write about political issues a lot? No. It was Wanderlost, the webcomic about a little pig who runs away from home a lot to seek silly adventures. The one site I do with no political content whatsoever. Someone in the comment section to Erickson’s post linked to the site approvingly or with mock approval (I can’t tell), saying, “Cute little piggies and stuff.” Apparently visitors who followed that link agreed, because their page-views to unique visitor rations are pretty high; they stuck around to read the webcomic for a least one or two stories.

So I felt it necessary to make a notice on Wanderlost that I am not the Kevin Moore whom Erickson wrote about. Erickson and I may occupy opposite poles of the political spectrum, but I would not resort to an insulting, immature e-mail to respond to whatever nonsense he might spout. I’d rather draw an insulting, immature caricature mocking him. That’s my skill set. I play to my strengths.

The upshot is that I may wind up with a small contingent of conservative fans of Wanderlost. Fine by me. I meant for Sheldon’s adventures to be an apolitical anecdote to the anger and venom I used to bring to my political cartoons. Admittedly, had I attracted a huge conservative audience for In Contempt — akin to the liberal audience that feels obligated to watch FOXNews — that would have been fine by me, too. It was always a bit worrying to me that In Contempt attracted so little hate mail. It doesn’t matter what they say about you, etc.

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