The Planned Parenthood Action Center has a form letter you can send to the White House to encourage President Obama to defend women’s reproductive rights as the Senate debates health care reform. There’s pre-written stuff, but I have heard from activists in various fields that more attention/weight is given to original writing. Maybe that’s a fairy tale we tell ourselves to get to sleep at night, but I wrote my own verbage:

An unfortunate part of the health care reform legislation passed by the House of Representatives this weekend denies coverage of abortion procedures for subscribers to the so-called “public option” and receivers of federal subsidies to purchase health insurance.

This rule effectively robs women of the right to exercise reproductive rights upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court for almost four decades. Poor and lower middle class women do not have the means to pay out-of-pocket. We should not tolerate the creation of such a caste system for women’s rights.

This rule also affects the coverage of women who have health insurance. Any woman who works for a small business mandated to purchase insurance through one of the exchanges will not have access to abortion procedures. Currently most health insurance companies cover abortion; yet these companies will have to create separate plans that only women who do not need public assistance can afford. This could become an increasingly small group and potentially wipe out health coverage for abortions altogether.

This is not what you promised in your run for President; indeed, you promised to uphold the reproductive rights of women. So live up to your promise. As the Senate debates health care reform, defend women’s reproductive rights and fight against the inclusion of legislation that would deny coverage for abortion procedures.

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