Judd Gregg just withdrew from nomination for President Obama’s commerce secretary. For all of his “my bad” posturing, I tend to agree with Doug J at Balloon Juice that Gregg’s move is well-timed to inflict political damage on the ObamAdmin. Following two weeks of conservative whinging and compromises that have weakened the effectiveness of the stimulus bill, shouldn’t Obama drop this game of placating the right wing?

After 8 years of dominating politics, the Republicans in Congress do not have the mental ability to make compromises or concessions, they don’t know how to play nice, they have no clue how to govern “from the center.” It has been a zero-sum game for them from the beginning, and they are not going to give up that strategy now. Outside the capital “the base” has gone completely bat-shit loco, living out a “derangement syndrome” they used to ascribe to Bush-haters, so Republicans are in no mood to enrage them further.

Personally, I find the cult of personality that Obama’s political skills have created a little disturbing, too, but not because I fear he will turn diktator; rather, his supporters should keep their critical thinking caps on while Obama drops the bi-partisan pretense and governs with the mandate for change he won last November.

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