Got MLK?

I don’t know Joe Heller. He may be a nice guy. He may have children to feed, a mortgage to pay, a sick parent to care for. In fact, he may even have saved the lives of children and puppies from a swarm of killer bees single-handedly. I don’t know. I do know that this cartoon is ridiculously awful.

Darryl Cagle continues to do the art of political cartooning a favor by exposing the worst it has to offer, this time collecting a gallery of cartoons on Martin Luther King. Occasionally good ones sneak in. Like this one by John Deering:

John Deering MLK cartoon

I like the low-key tone of Deering’s drawing, the sense of a more difficult reality created by institutional racism that has not escaped the notice of young people, despite the euphoria we shall see next week. Deering should be commended for this alone, but mostly for the onslaught of awful MLK/Obama hackjobs you’ll see in the editorial pages.

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