cartoon called choices

“Choices” 7/24/2016

A lot of people are less than thrilled with this election. It is, as they say, butts.

Come November I will throw my vote at the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. I don’t think she is as bad as many make her out to be, but I am not blind to her very serious problems regarding war, Wall Street and opportunism. Those are problems she shares with just about any other mainstream candidate you can think of these days, including the current president, who at one time had successfully avoided most of them. The system is larger than he is, however, and all of the other presidents. To say Clinton represents the system’s problems is simply to say that she is a creature of the system — better than most of them, in fact, but not necessarily above them.

None of which is an argument for her opponent, the fascist bastard bragging he is “outside the system.” Not by a long shot. Guys like that are what make the system so bad in the first place.

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