“Clone” June 19, 2016

I often fantasize about cloning myself and making my clone do stuff I don’t want to do or have the energy to do. For instance, this page originally appeared in black and white, because back pain prevents me from spending another hour or two putting color on it right now. Had I a clone, he would do that shit.

But if the clone is anything like me (and if he’s a clone, he should be), he’ll think that’s a raw deal. “WTF? Why do I always have to color this crap? Let me draw one week and you do the color fills.” Not that coloring is no fun, but it’s always the last part of the process, and thus the one I am most likely to skip if my back acts up or I run out of time. Clonie would most likely enjoy it until he got jealous of working on someone else’s artwork. Then he’d want to write and draw this stuff, and then I’d have to kill him, dismember his corpse and dispose of it through a wood chipper.

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