Cartoon called Gaffes

“Gaffes” 3/20/2016

Gaffes are an inevitable part of the long campaign season for the presidency, a problem made worse when they became more expensive, requiring an extra year just to raise money. Throw in more debates, and candidates, brain weary and tongue tied, will find it hard to avoid the regrettable “inartful comment.”

The last few weeks have been especially hard on Hillary Clinton. I don’t feel like giving her or Bernie or any of them a pass, sorry. Not when these slips get so Freudian.

As the cartoon points out, Hillary Clinton is not uniquely prone to making gaffes. In fact, as ABCNews reports, during the same period she has had to mop up after herself, Donald Trump continues to shit from his mouth with no detectable consequences to his campaign or discouragement to his supporters. His run for president seems fueled by absurd, uninformed and dangerous commentary. His reaction this morning to the attacks in Brussels is true to form.

Notes on the artwork: I like how this turned out. Drawing the many faces of Hillary is really fun, and — I hesitate to say this, due to quarter century of insipid media commentary upon it — I love drawing her hair. She has a good head of it. And she always makes the most of it. Good for her. Her facial expressions are gold, though. No bland news anchor type is she. Hillary’s suit pattern is based on some of the houndstooth/tweedy jackets she wears. From a sartorial standpoint, she is a much more interesting subject to draw than her male opponents, who all favor the same boring suit and tie ensembles. I have a lot of criticisms of her politics, but the ground she breaks as a powerful political woman is admirable. And if she makes the world of political fashion more varied and stylish, I will thank her. If she also pushes through child care plans the help the poor, that would be great, too.

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