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“Health Care” 4/4/2016

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This week’s strip stars an old friend of mine, Barry Deutsch. We often have conversations like this, where we try to figure out how much we should expect American society to support the people who comprise it. The Democratic side of primary season has brought some of these arguments to the fore, reviving old debates from the Affordable Care Act sausage making of 2009, as we see how much Obamacare has done for many of us, and how many more are still left in the cold. Barry and I are lefties approaching our fifth decade, so we’re not exactly at-the-barricades about it. Piss-taking by a demonic cat or, as likely, a 12-year-old child who overhears us is completely appropriate.

Thanks to Barry for agreeing to star in this strip and even contributing his side of the debate. If you don’t know already, Barry has a Patreon, too. Go throw him some shekels to support his political cartooning. (I have a Patreon, too, if you’re feeling generous.)

About the art: This week’s strip was drawn using the Paper by 53 app for the iPad, then assembled, lettered, and colored in Photoshop. I don’t tend to go for the all-digital creation, being a paper and ink kinda guy. But after last week I burned out a little, and to give my back a break, used the iPad. This seemed like the right kind of strip to do it for, where the action doesn’t change and cut-past-and-modify is acceptable. It was a lot of fun to draw Barry, too. I rarely do it, but he’s a handsome guy for whom I hope I have justice.

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