Little Donald

“Little Donald” June 5, 2016

Is this one NSFW? Uh, maybe. I guess it depends on where you work. Some places might be comfortable with a cartoon of Donald Trump’s sore-ridden penis on the computer screen. If you’re in the library, they might offer you a privacy screen so other patrons don’t get offended. If you work somewhere that might take offense, maybe the office isn’t a good place to look at webcomics, anyway.

This week’s strip is inspired by what may be the grossest thing I have read all week.

Very strong, very thick skin. This guy is always about his penis. So fine, let’s draw it. Let’s mock it. Let’s point and laugh at his penis. I realize this tactic might get an artist beaten up by some Trumpazoid, but it’s a risk I am willing to take. Better that than the strategy taken by Democrats that has Alex Pareene worried. Rather, I like his suggestion we go for the jugular — or dorsal, as the case may be:

As any writer who’s ever received an angry personal response from Trump can tell you, you get under his skin by mocking and emasculating him, not by feeding the myth of his power and strength, the precise qualities his authoritarian followers adore.

Due to the extreme heat, I drew this on my iPad and assembled it in Photoshop. That’s why it looks so different from my other strips. I would rather draw and ink on paper, but when the heat wave hits, and my back pain flares up, hunkering over my table in my poorly ventilated heat box of a room seemed like a bad idea.

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