"Onward Upward" June 12, 2016

“Onward Upward” June 12, 2016

My daughter graduated from high school last week, and I could not be more proud of her, and not a little gobsmacked by the passage of time. The ceremony was nice, and I was very happy to see her mount the stage to receive her diploma. She is free. She can do adult things and never answer to the public school bureaucracy again. Unless for some altruistic/masochistic reason she wants to teach one day in a public school; then more power to her (and to all teachers, for that matter.)

It’s been 28 years since my graduation and thinking about the intervening life I have lived inspired this cartoon. I live a good life, but sometimes I feel as dispirited as those people in the middle panel. I started to get really itchy when the same old clichés were trotted out by speakers from the student body, the school administration and the board of education members. I was skeptical of them when I first heard them as a graduating senior, and I have gotten only more so since.

Art-wise, I have returned to drawing on paper with ink. I love it. But I’ve lettered and colored in Photoshop, because I still need to take care of my back. Lettering takes a long time and cramps up my hand. Wanh wanh. Old mine griping. I loved drawing this, tho. Any excuse to draw Fetch’s fellow demons.

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