February 21, 2016. Penbrush, pen, ink, Photoshop.

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Am I supposed to mourn a hateful man when he dies? Certainly Antonin Scalia could be much worse (consider Osama bin Laden or Ronald Reagan), but the negative impact he had on the lives affected by his jurisprudence was not minor. The next jurist to replace him will most likely be better and join in the effort to undo the damage Scalia has done. So when I envision him in a pit of boiling piss and pissed on by demons and those he has wronged, I think his punishment will last only as long as the public feels the effects of his work in this life. That seems suitable enough to me. Then again, I’m an atheist, so corpse kicking cartoon is all I have. If there is another life after this, I hope things go better for the man’s soul.


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