"Unfollow". 4/25/2016. Ink, brush, Photoshop.

“Unfollow”. 4/25/2016. Ink, brush, Photoshop.

Nothing specifically prompts this cartoon. Just a feature (or a bug, really) of online social life that having opinions means you will piss someone off; and if you belong to a group or several groups of people not protected by a wall of arbitrary privileges, someone you’ve pissed off will respond as venomously and as viciously as they can muster, often with verbal weapons society gave them for just such an occasion.

Yay, humanity.

Art-wise, I am glad this turned out decently. There was a lot of back pain induced inking errors on the bristol today. Thanks to gauche and Photoshop for cleaning it all up.

The female version of me is based on a friend of mine whom I have always thought I would look like were I born a cisgendered woman. Or at least, I should be so fortunate to have acquired her natural gifts.

Now back to my regular schlubby male self.

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