Last Thursday I took my first guitar lesson since 1985. This is among many factors impeding progress on Wanderlost and other graphic novel activities. I regret nothing. I’ve been feeling a need for a break from cartooning to develop other creative interests, music being a big one in my life, but not something I ever approached with much dedication or discipline until recently. Updates for Wanderlost are coming, but only after I get my studio space and other areas of my house squared away.

Decent weather finally arrived in Portland today, so I walk outside and discover my yard needs a-fixin’. Gotta pull out the weeds and destroy the blackberries attacking what remains of the garden I planted last year. The hedge is out of control — I MUST CONTROL NATURE!!! — meaning tomorrow will be Yard Day. Doing yard things. Getting mine own house in order, O Lawrd.

Two more days left in the school year, the kids will be home 24/7 and we have little money to pack them off to holding pens — er, camps…. I don’t know if “camps” has improved connotations. Well, all that means I gotta find ways to entertain them. The boy needs swimming lessons, the girl needs constructive activities away from the Wii and the Gameboy DS. We have bikes. We have trails. We have parks. They have friends.

A hootenanny of political cartoonists rages through Portland next week. I’ll be tangentially involved, playing host to the killer Jenn Sorensen and her hubby and their little dog, too. I’ll join in the pub crawl and maybe attend a session or two, if time allows.

I have a political cartoon project in the works with another cartoonist, but until it gets further developed, I won’t reveal any details. I note this mostly because he reads this blog and he’s probably been wondering, “Uh, dude, when you gonna draw something, yo?” I don’t want him to kick my ass all over the place. He could destroy me with a flick of his finger. Please don’t hurt me. Not the face!!!

Just kidding.

That’s where things stand so far. I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog, lately. The “Share on Facebook” button makes things too easy. But then, outside of cartoons, I can’t think of any way to react to things like the oil spill and the flotilla massacre. Yes, I’m outraged. Just don’t want to pollute the already filthy bandwidth with incoherent blog babble on these kinds of subjects.

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