Forget Harry Reid*. You want a liberal racist, look no further than the Dean of American Political Cartooning, Pat Oliphant himself.

Racism that boggles the mind

“21st Century building, 7th Century people.”

That’s what his little bird-like avatar thingy quips. (I think if you quip, you should be automatically registered as Criminal Douchebag.) Dubai has been at the forefront of global financial speculation and excess, using the same dodgy tools as London, New York and Tokyo. Shouldn’t they get credit for being current? Modern? Post-modern? Late capitalist?

Camels? Really?! No helicopters or limos or Humvees?

Perhaps Oli will be gracious enough to contribute this piece for the anniversary edition of the late Edward Said’s Orientalism. “Exhibit A!” Ed’s dead, but this shit lives on.

*who had a valid point to make about the prejudices of the American electorate, but chose insensitive language to do it. Sorry, Michael “Honest Injun” Steele — not resignation-worthy.

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