Watch his interview with Chris Matthews and it is clear that William Kostric is not insane, semiotics to the contrary. Evidently he had no intent to hurt anyone, although as August notes, he may have intended to intimidate —certainly to disrupt–, but that is not clear from his demeanor in the interview. What glares like a halogen headlight in your rear-view mirror is that he had no real contribution to make to health care discussions whatsoever, that he had his little libertarian 2nd Amendment cherry-picking Founding Fathers bumper sticker slogans point to make and he made it.

And no one got it, of course. Because they are too stupid/too ignorant to get it? No, once again, White Privilege Dude, you provoke other people’s fears with your own cluelessness. Not only do the open carry laws of New Hampshire protect you, your white skin lets you get away with behavior that for, say, a black guy with a placard reading “By Any Means Necessary” would mean a beat down by the cops.

Of course it would be impolitic to suggest as this comment does:

Have you noticed all the hate mongers, wing nuts and rabble rousers are older white people at theses health care reform town hall meetings? I have yet to see any minority or young person shout and yell at one of these meetings. How can anyone reach a different conclusion that the GOP is racist, bigoted and mean spirited? Any of you wing nuts out there look in the mirror lately and like what you see?

They love what they see, Chuck. They don’t see anything else.

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