And I’ll be selling this!

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“Up in the Air” is the second story I did featuring the Wanderlost characters (back when it was called simply “Sheldon”); I have been wanting to get it into print for far too long. Well – tada! Here it is. Comixpress did another excellent job printing it up. But I am only selling through the Wanderlost website and at my Stumptown table. To get it, either visit me there or follow the link embedded in the image above.

I skipped last year’s Stumptown Comicsfest out of money worries and lack of product. But this year is different. (Or so I keep telling myself.) Once again I team up with Chris Baldwin of Spacetrawler fame to share a table and various personal insults as a way to pass the time — insults of LOVE!!! — and I hope to attend a couple panels run by fellow Cartoonists With Attitude.

For those wondering when I will start updating Wanderlost again, the answer is next Wednesday. I am finally emerging from the woods of a nasty sinus infection that has waylayed me for much of the year so far. Just took my last antibiotic pill this morning. I feel clearer and breathe better. I look forward to returning to normal energy levels.

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