Going Negative
Click the image to see the full cartoon.

If you think you have seen this image before, you are almost correct. The cartoon for January 4, 2008 used a similar image, only to a totally different effect. I hope this doesn’t incur the wrath of the Bad Cartoonist. Although the attention would be nice.

Also, I seem to have drawn Hillary a bit chubbier than I usually render her. I think it’s the bulky effect of the high collar pant suit I put her in (based on what seems a trend in her recent choice of pant suits) and how her neck comes out of the collar. But then Obama’s head is HUGE. It threatens to break that pencil neck I gave him. Well…at least they are recognizable.

Lastly, anyone think I should start coloring this thing? I’ve been toying with the idea. It may mean keeping only a once a week schedule, but it would be a more Web-attractive cartoon. What think ye, O Hive Mind?

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