Hey, whaddaya know – a new cartoon.

Click the link to make it bigger. And more legible.

I forgot to blog about this when I posted it to the In Contempt site. I’ve been out of practice for the past 2 months, during which I got sucked into the twitter-facebook warp. They make it really easy to just post links to news stories that get my panties all up in a knot, so it’s really addicting. Last week I resumed regular blogging; it exercises my brain enough to come up with a half-way decent cartoon idea. But it got me wondering if we will see a slight reduction in personal blogging in favor of more tweeting and facebooking, much as we have seen the decline of zines in the wake of website and blog creation. Zines are still around, but they are nowhere near the “scene” they used to be prior to the popularization of the Internet.

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