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This should have appeared on Tuesday as part of my promise two or three months ago to resume twice weekly posting in January. But that promise was made before a) I got a stomach virus, b) my oven caught fire, c) I got a head cold and d) I lost my Wacom Stylus. All that in one week, the first of the new year, new decade. It portends not well, methinks.

Also and but so: Said promise was made before I came to the conclusion that In Contempt should conclude a decade (on and off again) run at the end of January. In other words, I plan on bringing the strip to a close. I really enjoy doing the political cartoons, but there are other projects I want to do. Wanderlost needs more attention and has more stories to tell. I have a graphic novel idea I want to develop for consideration by publishers. Last year I learned how to animate with Flash and enjoyed that. Unfortunately I don’t have a buttload of time to unload a buttload of ideas. So something had to give and it is In Contempt.

Ergo, the last strip will appear on January 27th. I’ll have more to say about that, the future of the site when it appears.

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