Pulling out of my funk, I posted a new cartoon (as I warned on twitter and FB, it’s tasteless and unsubtle – suitably, I think) that I have been stewing on for two weeks about the Pentagon’s request for troop escalations in Afghanistan. Oddly I thought this would be a bit post-date, but today Obama met with his National Security team and yesterday with Congressional leaders – reportedly spitting venom with Senator John McCain, who apparently wants a hundred years in Afghanistan, too – on the Pentagon request. War is always timely, alas.

I’ll be posting once a week for the rest of the year. I have a lot of personal stuff to sort out, distracting me from cartooning, but I need to maintain at least this low-level regularity to keep me happy. What readers/fans want plays in my mind, too, and if I could, this would be a daily strip. Please bear with me during this period. Much thanks for keeping with me this far.

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