This may sound crazy, but I don’t think the 2 lbs under regulation PSI for footballs is a big deal — either within the warped universe of professional football or extending outward into our ever expanding gravitationally warped universe as a whole.

Rape is a big deal. Domestic violence is a big deal. Bullying is a big deal. Dog fighting is a big deal. Purportedly, the NFL is taking these issues seriously these days; yet weeping actors on tiresome ads promoting a website is pretty weak sauce — or tea, as Larry Wilmore would have it. Their efficacy seems blunted when they appear for random thirty seconds spots during a game starring Ben Roethlisberger, a veteran of two separate sexual assault charges, play as color commentators praise his skills as a quarterback. And when a controversy over the proper inflation of footballs becomes a nation-wide, minutely scrutinized scandal, the triviality rises to the rank of these more violent (and persistent) problems, which, by virtue of the association, are reduced to mere “sportsball” silliness.

On a technical note, I hope y’all enjoy the use of water color pencils lately. I am still developing my skills with the medium, so it is a fun challenge. No special pleading here, mind you. I am pretty used to failing in public.

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