How do you know you’re screwed? Bill Kristol predicts your success. Sorry, Israel.

After arguing that the attack on Gaza is, like, totally different from the attack on Lebanon, Kristol reminds us Why We/They Fight:

An Israeli success in Gaza would be a victory in the war on terror — and in the broader struggle for the future of the Middle East. Hamas is only one manifestation of the rise, over the past few decades, of a terror-friendly and almost death-cult-like form of Islamic extremism. The combination of such terror movements with a terror-sponsoring and nuclear-weapons-seeking Iranian state (aided by its sidekick Syria) has produced a new kind of threat to Israel.

But not just to Israel. To everyone in the Middle East — very much including Muslims — who aren’t interested in living under the sway of extremist regimes. And to any nation, like the United States, that is a target of Islamic terror. So there are sound reasons why the United States — whether led by George W. Bush or Barack Obama — will stand with Israel as it fights.

But Israel — assuming it succeeds — is doing the United States a favor by taking on Hamas now.

Yes, a big favor. Surely our close support of Israel no matter what it does (and vice-versa) has improved our relations with the rest of the world! What could go wrong?

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