I have been waiting for this shoe to drop:

Under the agreement, anti-abortion Democrats will be permitted to offer an amendment on the House floor to the health-care overhaul bill. The amendment would prohibit a new government-run insurance plan created by the health-care bill from offering to cover abortion services, congressional sources said. It would also block people who received federal subsidies for the purchase of health insurance from buying policies that offered coverage for abortions.

Link found via August. Despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling written almost 40 years ago, reproductive choice remains effectively a class privilege, not a right a woman can exercise over her own body. Too poor to pay out-of-pocket for an abortion? Well, just be glad you’re not an undocumented worker, missy; they get bupkis.

Not that any of the above surprises me. But it does get me wondering: What impact does such a rule have for the health insurance plans of women who do not receive subsidies? Will private insurers create a separate plan for publicly assisted subscribers? Will abortion-covered plans cost more? I don’t know much about health coverage for women, save that companies have treated domestic abuse as a “pre-existing condition” — a loathsome practice that doesn’t bode well for reproductive choice.

UPDATE: Barry has more info on this compromise, including an answer to my questions above.

Because many small employers are expected to switch to using the exchanges, this means that women who currently have abortion coverage through their small employer, will have their coverage replaced with insurance that doesn’t cover abortion.

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