What is more likely: an angry Latino shot at Lou Dobbs’ house, or a careless hunter missed his target?

Bill Ross, a longtime neighbor of Mr. Dobbs’s, said gunshots were common in the area.

“Every day almost, it seems like somebody is target-practicing,” he said. “To hear a gunshot, I don’t think anything of it.”

Several neighbors said Mr. Dobbs does not allow hunters on his property. Regardless, “everyone around here likes him,” said Rocky Russo, who was dressed in camouflage gear and bowhunting for white-tailed deer near Mr. Dobbs’s property on Friday. The gunshot, he said, “might have been some idiot taking a shot at a squirrel in a tree. Who knows?”

Even Dobbs’ neighbors think he’s a little hot-headed. As the New Jersey state police investigate, Dobbs is milking this incident for all its worth. Would you expect anything different?

Bring on the Fark snark: “One more job that could have been done by a red-blooded American. This is a disgrace.” Hee.

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